Marlene Posch

One was gone and the other one is closed, 2021
Studio Millergasse backyard garage, Wien

I sit in the tram and look up, watching the loops bob. We drive forward, the handles go alternately into a left right position. I think of everything hanging down. Since I reached 1.70cm, the possibilities to see things from below have reduced significantly. Top view is kind of standard now. The pictures that come up are from times when my head had to rest in my neck to see anything at all. There was a butcher‘s shop in the Grätzl where I used to accompany my mother as a child. Beautiful, organic objects made of meat dangled from the ceiling. Fine grains, nets that bite into the bacon, fleshy warm, but I don‘t want to touch it. If the loops were made of bronze, they would be black within a day.